Book Review

Catherine Noppe, Jean-François Hubert:
Art of Vietnam
Young Yang Chung:
Silken threads: a history of embroidery in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam
Peter D. Sharrock, Vo Van Tabg:
Vibrancy in Stone, Masterpieces of the Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture
Nguyen Dinh Chien:
The Ca Mau Shipwreck 1723-1735
Philip S. Rawson:
The Art of Southeast Asia
Michael C. Howard:
Textiles and Clothing in Viet Nam: A History
Nam C. Kim:
The Origins of Ancient Vietnam
Kerry Nguyen Long:
Arts of Viet Nam, 1009–1945
Nguyen Dinh Chien
The Ca Mau Shipwreck Porcelain from the Collection of Dr. Zelnik, Volume 1-2
Bruce Lockhart, Ky Phuong Tran:
The Cham of Vietnam, History, Society and Art
Ann Helen Unger, Walter Unger:
Pagodas, Gods and Spirits in Vietnam
Nancy Tingley:
Arts of Ancient Viet Nam, From River Plain to Open Sea
Emmanuel Guillon:
Hindu-Buddhist Art of Vietnam, Treasures from Champa
Terry Bennett:
Early Photography in Vietnam
Jean-François Hubert:
The Art of Champa