Book Review

Champa and the Archaeology of My Son
by Andrew Hardy, Mauro Cucarzi and Patrizia Zolese
Gold treasures of the Cham Kingdoms II.
from the Collection of Dr. Zelnik
Catherine Noppe, Jean-François Hubert:
Art of Vietnam
Young Yang Chung:
Silken threads: a history of embroidery in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam
Peter D. Sharrock, Vo Van Tabg:
Vibrancy in Stone, Masterpieces of the Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture
Trésor d’art du Vietnam, La sculpture du Champa
by Encyclopedia Universalis
Philip S. Rawson:
The Art of Southeast Asia
Michael C. Howard:
Textiles and Clothing in Viet Nam: A History
Nam C. Kim:
The Origins of Ancient Vietnam
Kerry Nguyen Long:
Arts of Viet Nam, 1009–1945
Emmanuel Guillon:
Art et Archéologie du Champa: Une ancienne civilisation du Viet Nam
Bruce Lockhart, Ky Phuong Tran:
The Cham of Vietnam, History, Society and Art
Ann Helen Unger, Walter Unger:
Pagodas, Gods and Spirits in Vietnam
Nancy Tingley:
Arts of Ancient Viet Nam, From River Plain to Open Sea
Emmanuel Guillon:
Hindu-Buddhist Art of Vietnam, Treasures from Champa
Terry Bennett:
Early Photography in Vietnam
Jean-François Hubert:
The Art of Champa